Best Bits From “Celebrating African Women In Hong Kong”

“Coming together as Africans in Hong Kong is a strength to realize the dreams of our forefathers – One Africa” 
Tess Karl (Ghana Locals)

“Celebrating African Women in Hong Kong”, held on March 8, from 6-9:30 p.m. at Africa Center Hong Kong was the first event of its kind, celebrating Hong Kong’s female African entrepreneurs in arts, technology, culture and culinary. The goal of “Celebrating African Women in Hong Kong” was to engage and celebrate African female entrepreneurs in the community in fields relevant to the socio-cultural theme.  Our aim was to build a platform that connects Hong Kong’s African female entrepreneurs with the talent to showcase, and the people who are interested in their business.

Afro-Jewelry – African handmade jewelry, crafts, and clothing!

Among the highlights in the event were booth stands and panel discussions.  We hosted booths ranging from authentic Ghanaian food and handmade African jewelry, crafts, and clothing, to a hair-braiding workshop and an exhibition of African works in literature.

“From booths to the panel to performances and food, time certainly flew! It was a special moment for me to see and experience so much support for African Women in Hong Kong”.
Daniela Lusan – Africas Lit

During the panel discussion, our panelists shared some of their inspirations and achievements in their field of work here in Hong Kong and how this affects the wider African community living in the city. They also shared some of the challenges they faced in the early stages of their businesses / work, and some that they continue to face as they work to scale up their entrepreneurial enterprises.

The event concluded with an electrifying performance by Eli Zaelo. The South African musician’s powerful voice carried a message of empowerment and encouragement to all the women, and she reminded us of the importance of believing in ourselves. 

“The strength of every woman is in our unity. It was so beautiful to watch so many empowered women share their stories and smiles – a clear reminder that we are indeed our sisters’ keepers”! 
Eli Zaelo (Right)

All in all, the night gave us a short break from the ongoing public health issues, and it proved the endurance of the female African entrepreneurs and their supporters in Hong Kong. The rich diversity of people who joined the event brought the Center a lot of meaningful sharing and conversations. Although the systems of the world can still be tough for some women, it was a great relief to see a place where women can express themselves and showcase their talent freely with many supportive people around.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the exhibitors, the panelists, the performers and all the participants who came to our event!



  • Vidette Adjorlolo(Moderator)
  • Daniela Lusan
  • Clarisse Akonyi
  • Brandy Cheung


  • Eli Zaelo (Music)
  • Brandy Cheung (Belly Dance)
  • L.G (Music)


  • Blandine Ngoyi
  • Marie Louise
  • Igor Kay Kay


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