Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it @Zorora Afro Art Jam!

“When I think of Africa, I think big.” 


A modern take on historic African cave paintings, Africa Centre Hong Kong’s (AFCHK) new 4-session program invites Hong Kongers, regardless of their degree of exposure to African culture, to express their thoughts and ideas with respect to Africa and its rich traditions. The Zorora Afro Art Jam — as the name implies in the Shona language primarily used in Zimbabwe meaning “rest” — aims to provide a haven for the city to rewind and recharge through art as each individual explores what mystery and uncharted wonders the second largest continent has in store. 

Facilitator of AFCHK’s Zorora Afro Art Jam, Carmen Wong, hopes to have four plain and large canvases filled by the end of September 2020 with the public’s interpretation of the African continent. Each session brings a new topic for participants to convey. The first session was a warm-up exercise to celebrate the colors of Africa and its well-known symbolism and characters such as the Savanna wildlife (lions, zebras), African women wearing the traditional Nigerian head wrap “gele”, and simple stick-figure paintings resembling historical and cultural cave paintings found in the continent. The coming three sessions invite participants to dive deeper into the culture in regards to history, social functions, environment, and politics. The activity serves to be an open platform to discuss social issues Africans are facing and to express those thoughts on paper. 

“I see it as a village of people coming together to create and build something from plain paper,” Carmen comments, commemorating how African rural villages emphasize the importance of going forward and further in life as a group. The event seeks to acknowledge African culture and its mild but growing presence in Hong Kong. By the fourth and final meeting of the event in September 2020, an exhibition will be held at the Africa Centre displaying the four large canvases open for the public to visit. The first canvas is yet to be finished and we welcome you to convey your ideas and perceptions of the vast continent and its traditions. 


Join us for the next session at Africa Center Hong Kong on 27th June 2020 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm!

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