Spring Time & Virtual Travel! (Mar 2022)
Virtual Afro Multi Activity Spring Camp (Mar 2022)
We have entered February an exciting month as far as months for at least two reasons.
Despite new corona regulations and lockdowns we are determined to start our year right and we are happy to begin this year with you, our lovely readers.
As we are entering what has been dubbed the ‘festive season’ we at the Africa Center have been reflecting on what this season means for our community.
Bandung Asia Africa Conference - April 1955 As an Africa Center based in Asia, we are always thinking and researching on the connection of Africa and Asia over the centuries. From as early as the times of the Silk Road that is estimated to have started around the 2nd Century BCE, until today, there has been a constant exchange between the peoples of these two continents.
Afro Future Our upcoming African Spear Magazine is on ‘the Afro-future’. This has - as you can image - lead to us thinking more about the future of Africa, Africans and also our own future here at the Africa Center.
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