Spring Time & Virtual Travel!

It is that time of year again when the cold of winter gives way to a new season where flowers begin to bloom and the old gives way to the new. The 5th wave still hovers with its associated health risks, anxiety and restrictions, yet we are confident that it will not dampen the tough and resilient spirit of Hong Kong and springtime. The Africa Center commiserates with all our subscribers and is grateful for your lives and hopeful for your wellbeing. We are certain we will prevail despite the turbulent times, as still we rise (in Maya Angelou’s voice). The Center aims at reviving the joy of springtime for both young and old through our social enhancing programs, particularly in these dire times of limited social contact and home isolations.

Flowers always remind us of springtime, and South Africa hosts colourful flower related events like the Magoebaskloof Spring festival. Other exciting springtime festivals range from film, culture, art and technology across Africa. The Pan-African film festival (FESPACO) in Burkina Faso is one, and the Zanzibar International Film Festival (Festival of Dhow countries) is considered East Africa’s largest multi-cultural event of the culture and arts of several regional countries, Indian ocean islands and Iran, India, Gulf States and Pakistan. There are concerts, readings, and educational activities with the film competition in the historical breath-taking settings of the Stone Town seafront and beyond to rural areas through a Village Panoroma.

At the moment it may be difficult to imagine travelling for these festivals. This is why the Africa Center Hong Kong has decided to bring some of this excitement to you with our novel virtual travel program! This will take you on live experiential tours of beautifully diverse and multi-cultural African countries in these times of restricted international travel. Come and join us live to virtually experience the sights and sounds of Africa from the East to the North, West and Southern parts of the continent.

Virtual Travel Tours

Kids Spring Camp

Children are not left out of our springtime programs. They have been terribly affected by this 5th wave, and had to revert to indoor play and learning activities daily. Worry no more if your child(ren) are in the above situation and have exhausted engaging ways to interact with other children while doing interesting non-academic activities. Our Afro-Multi Activity Spring Camp is here to address this exact need. We can’t wait for your children to enrol and spend time with us and other kids in making diverse artwork and bead accessories, virtually exploring Africa and the diaspora world, cooking, baking and dancing our hearts out.

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