Connecting Communities

Many people, specifically Africans, have come to the Africa Center Hong Kong and introduced themselves to members of our staff. The general narrative that these people share is that they are new to the city and they were looking for some contact points with Africans in the city. We love to receive these people and discover the paths that have lead them to the Africa Center. In doing this we can effectively fulfil our mission of connecting communities.

We have had Africans coming straight from Nigeria to study in Hong Kong meeting with a community at the centre and finding food they love. We have had a newly wedded couple who previously lived in Canada coming in and asking about the job market in Hong Kong. A Zimbabwean musician who had previously lived in Shanghai found a community with the more musically inclined people who frequent the centre… and the list goes on.

We are sharing this with you, our dear readers, because we want to invite you all to also find your community with us. As a cultural center we love to share and connect with people from all over the world. In light of this we invite you to join our MeetUp groups where you can stay up to date with some of the communities that we foster here at the Africa Center Hong Kong.

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