Service Learning Program

The service learning program offered by the Africa Center Hong Kong offers an unique opportunity to address learning objectives whilst performing a service for the community. In many African societies, knowledge sharing has always been embedded in the community as education was traditionally not centralised and formalised. This is the spirit of learning that is brought into the service learning program at the Africa Center Hong Kong. Through interesting and exciting community based projects such as creating an African coffee corner and promoting African storytelling projects participants of this program will have an opportunity to engage in a rewarding way with the African community.

Our service learning programs are structured in such a way that participants are presented with a problem statement at the beginning of their journey with us. Through various exercises and activities, participants will be helped to find a solution for the problem. There will be much room given for participants to think of their own solutions although they will be guided by experts at the Africa Center who have practical information on the problem. In this way participants will have a chance to engage with the African community in a meaningful manner.

Service Learning Program with AIS (June 2021) ↓

Direct Service Activities

Free Kitchen for Refugees & Ethnic Minorities

Students will take lead in preparing home made African drinks and snacks and serve to the refugee and ethnic minorities community.​