“CKM is a globalized place in Hong Kong, which claims itself as an international city (Mathews, 2011)”

In the ten years leading to 2016, the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong had grown by 60%.

It is important for us to learn and respect different cultures, strengthening social cohesion.  


CKM is regarded by the local Chinese as a “heart of darkness” because of their unfamiliarity with developing countries and their perception of the community as a haven of crime and of people in the low social class.

 Is it true ? Find the answer by yourself!!


Chungking Mansions is a lot of things to different people.

Some say it’s the only place that makes Hong Kong different from any Chinese city. A symbol for globalization, ‘home’ to many Africans and South Asians, a place Cantonese mothers warn their kids against. 

 Join our tour to understand what this place means for residents and Africans in particular.


What you can learn?

  1. The development of Chungking Mansions
  2. Exploring  HK’s African communities in a comprehensive way
  3. Debunking the myths about Chungking Mansions
  4. Your own reflection

Virtual Reality 

This virtual tour take you to the Chungking Mansions by subjective shot, allowing you to be “right there”. 

Don’t hesitate to join our tour ! Contact us for more information on the workshop!

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