April 16, 2019


Chungking Mansions Tour

We offer non-premium bi-monthly tours of Chungking Mansions and premium tailor-made tours. If interested in our premium tours, please feel free to email us. And check our facebook events updates for non-premium tours. During the tour you can get insiders’ views of this famous building, learn about refugees and the African community as well as enjoy buffet style African cuisine.

Fee: Negotiable


We offer talks on matters and issues related to Africa or Africa-China relations.

Fee: Negotiable

Chat Africa

We hold free monthly fireside chats on matters/issues of interest to both Chinese and African communities. We invite scholars and prominent members of the African community to be our panelists

Fee: Free

African Literature Book Club

A safe place to connect and learn about African cultures through reading and discussing African literature books written by African authors. We meet once in every 3 to 4 weeks.

Fee: Free

African Arts Workshops

We offer workshops on African Cultures. These include crafts, music, knitting, braiding, etc. We partners with members of the African community including refugees to make this possible.

Fee: Negotiable

Diversity Workshops

We offer diversity workshops from an African perspective to train your colleagues/students on race and gender sensitivity and empathy

Fee: Negotiable