Afro Multi-Activity Spring Camp

The past three years have been trying times for many children, with unexpected breaks and several changes in the educational format. This transition has not always been an easy one for children who were accustomed to meeting and playing with each other in person. We at the Africa Center Hong Kong are bringing back a bit of the adventure and joy of a conducive learning environment through our virtual Afro Multi-Activity Spring Camp. This camp is specifically designed to rejuvenate the spirits of children in fun and exciting activities. This will give children the chance to try something novel and meet new friends – even when this is done over a screen. Moreover, the camp focuses on the well being of children in creating fun and exciting programs which they can simply enjoy with no pressure of grades or evaluations.

Our camp focuses on three main categories: Arts and Crafts, Virtual Travels and Cooking & Baking workshops.

The camp will start on 18 March 2022. The last day of activities will be on 15 April 2022. You can sign up for any number of sessions!

Afro Multi-Activity Spring Camp

Join us for this spring camp that will give your children a chance to do something novel and meet new people!

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