Happy Pride!

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June is a time for us to remember the countless challenges that the LGBTQIA community has faced over the years, and to celebrate the achievements that have ushered in a more inclusive society.

Here at Africa Center Hong Kong, we especially acknowledge the role that African members of the LGBTQIA community have played in this struggle, be they diasporic or local— activists such as Marsha P. Johnson, Marylize Biubwa, Simon Nkoli, and Richard Akuson, who made a resounding impact in their respective corners of the world.

Queer Pride Festival 2022

We realize that it is important to center queer voices- especially African queer voices- in this conversation, so we have organized a program that does just that; allowing queer people to speak for themselves.

This year on the 26th of June (Sunday), we are celebrating Pride at Africa Center in collaboration with two amazing artists, Brian Lau and Carmen! We have also organized a range of activities running from 3:30 pm -10 pm, including talks, art-making, performances, and movies. Join us for good food, great people, and a fantastic time!

In an African context, sexuality is inseparable from colonialism. As the LGBTQIA community faces injustice in many African counties, we should remember that many of the laws that criminalize homosexuality are remnants of the homophobic legacy of colonization. Still, with former colonial masters championing LGBTQIA rights, it is even more important that we acknowledge these issues without patronizing, minimizing, and victimizing these communities, which has often been done by Western countries.

In 2011, ex-UK Prime Minister David Cameron threatened to withdraw foreign aid from countries that enforced laws that did not support gay rights, causing uproar in Uganda with regard to colonialist rhetoric. This is where the question of intersectionality comes in: if sexuality is indeed tied to colonialism, how does one decolonize the process of reclaiming power in sexuality? Join us as we explore the answer to this and other questions during our Queer Pride Festival 2022.

Check out what is happening in our Pride Corners:

We have many exciting events coming up at the Africa Center and we would love to see you there.

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