The Virtual African Cooking Workshop helps participants develop a better understanding of Africa and the world around them. The cooking workshop investigates cultural groups with an emphasis on the foods they eat both in Africa and the African diaspora. The participants will also have an opportunity to learn and investigate the influence of the spice trade on different African countries’ eating habits. Collaboratively, participants will prepare and serve full meals from a country or a region in Africa. 

In this hands-on African cooking workshop, our different chefs will immerse you into this fusion of African traditional cooking techniques, story-telling and fun. Learning how to cook is one of the most important skills a person can have and in this workshop everyone will have a hand in cooking delicious African cuisine. Every time, we cook three dishes from a different African country/African diaspora.

This workshop can carried out in the online format in which participants will receive packages with some materials to assist the cooking workshop beforehand.This is a great activity to do with both schools and corporates. Contact us for more information on the workshop!

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