Africa Center goes virtual!

The 5th wave that Hong Kong is experiencing has brought about the need to limit face to face interaction and stay home safely. We at the Africa Center are still committed to reaching all our cherished and potential clients with our exciting and cultural enhancement programs which tell African stories and experiences. As a result, we have moved most of our programs and events to online or virtual format including our book club events, cooking workshops and Chungking Mansion tours. You are warmly invited and we hope you join us for our virtual events and programs from the comfort of your homes for this month and while this 5th wave persists.

Virtual Programs

To be able to accommodate you and to make sure that we are all safe we have managed to move many of our programs online. For example our online cooking workshop and art workshops. These are events that help you connect with different aspects of African cultures using the online format. These activities are great for introducing something new to the classroom or even to the workspace in a time when we are all craving some social interaction!

Virtual cooking workshop and online arts workshop hosted at the Africa Center.

Virtual Art Workshop

Looking for something to do tomorrow? Join us for our online quiz night celebrating Black History Month. Click on the image for more information!

Speaking of Black History Month…

Black history month is characterised by conscious global efforts to tell black history from a black perspective. Black History Month is also currently a general celebration of black people’s culture and achievements globally. In line with that, we bring you some interesting titbits about aspects of black culture interspersed with its history.

Ever found yourself admiring the intricate designs, paths, curves and bends of the cornrow hairstyle crowning a black woman’s head? This African rooted hairstyle tells a story of redemption and rebellion. During the enslavement era, in places like Columbia this hairstyle was used as a tool. The intricate and carefully braided rows of hair served as maps of escape routes from slavery, and to hide grain and valuables needed to survive and start a new life after escape. Some hairstyles were also braided to communicate a desire to escape to those who knew how to read these messages. It symbolised the resilient spirit and determination of these enslaved peoples to change their situation.

Africa Center shares a bit of this history and more about different hairstyles usually carried by people with Afro-textured hair in our hair workshops that can be hosted both in person and online.
The hair workshop is a great opportunity to learn about and interesting form of art that is not usually discussed. This is a great activity to foster creativity both at schools and in corporate spaces.

Virtual Hair Workshop

Hair workshop at the Africa Center Hong Kong.

Women’s Month is coming up!

March is a month to celebrate events such as Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Stay tuned for our big and exciting event that we will be hosting to honour all the wonderful women in our community!

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